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Spotlight on Hosting a DIY Event: E’s Hulksters

The captain of E’s Hulksters, Dawni Henry, shares with NF Midwest what hosting a DIY (Do It Your Way) event was like!

How did you decide on a trivia night?

DH: Trivia Nights have been a fun outing with our friends & family in the past, and we thought that we could put on a pretty good one ourselves.  Turns out we aren’t half bad at it!  

Best/Worst part of the event?

DH: The setup and cleanup of the event is the least fun aspect but is really worth it. We are blessed with wonderful friends and family that volunteered to come out and help with whatever we needed.

I put together all the questions and powerpoints and enjoy the challenge, while Seth took care of the silent auction items. The best part of the evening is seeing everyone having fun and knowing they are there to support our girl, that is what means the most to us.

One of the teams that attended the DIY trivia event

Did it meet our expectations in regard to attendance and planning?

DH: Yes! We were blown away by how many people showed up, especially tables of people that we didn’t know!  The generosity of the crowd was unprecedented, and everyone said they couldn’t wait for the next one.

Would we do it again?

DH: We are! 2nd Annual E’s Hulksters Trivia Night is in a couple months, and we anticipate a larger crowd this year.  We are also incorporating our memorial foundation, A.B. Bears & Blankets, into our Trivia Night this year.  It will provide families with a bear or blanket when they have to leave the hospital without their child. Our son, Alvey Brooks, was stillborn at 36 weeks this past December and we want to support and love those families that experience the same devastation that we did.

What is something you’d like to tell someone who is thinking about a DIY event?

DH: Do it!  It is worth it!  And I will help in any way I can, just holler! =)

Are you in the Central Missouri area? The flyer for the 2nd Annual E’s Hulksters Trivia Event can be found here.

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