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Sarah- A Face of NF

My STRONG and POSITIVE Sarah was born with NF1. Sarah has had 12 surgeries, 14 chemo sessions, 58 MRI’s, and radiation to the brain. Sarah has an optic glioma on her right eye, and she also has tumors in her medulla and pons. We were told she would not live past age 6. Sarah turned 18 last September!!!!!!
She also has severe balance issues, headaches, plexiforms, tumors on her thyroid and in her breast. So far NOT malignant. Her left eye and tumor were removed when she was 5, and she is legally blind in her right eye. She is in pain all the time. With all of this, she continues on, and is looking forward to her first concert, The Jonas Brothers, this coming September. It took her one year to save the money. We have been very blessed to have Sarah come this far, and we plan on her continuing to fight NF1 with all she has.

-Patricia (Sarah’s Mom)


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