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NF Midwest Provides Funds to Help NF Patients

NF Midwest recently provided funds to three NF providers through our Care Impact Grant Program. The NF Care Impact Grant program is an application-based program that  provides funds to selected applicants who have an idea, program, or need that will directly help to improve care, or access to care, to patients with neurofibromatosis.

Several months ago, we asked NF doctors and clinics to consider any specific needs or suggestions on how we may help to alleviate some of the difficulties our NF community is facing during this COVID crisis.

We received three responses and the NF Midwest board quickly approved funds to help.

Lurie Children’s Hospital’s NF clinic received funds to assist patients with counseling, travel assistance, parking, meals, and lodging.

Dr. Stefania Maraka, who is seeing adult patients with NF at the University of Illinois in Chicago, contacted us regarding the challenge of patients not being able to bring their children to appointments due to COVID and financially struggling to pay for childcare. Funds were provided to assist patients with childcare and will also be used to help adults with NF overcome travel obstacles of getting to her for care.

Funds were also granted to Dr. Mata-Machado, who sees children with NF at the University of Illinois in Chicago to assist with travel and similar needs.

In every instance, financial assistance through these funds must be requested through the clinics and will be evaluated and awarded by them. 

Find information on how to make appointments at these institutions on our Find a Doctor page.

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