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Miranda- A Face of NF

I was diagnosed at age 2. I have cafe au laits, bilateral optic gliomas, a few cutaneous neurofibromas, innumerable internal…

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Jesse’s Clinical Trial Experience

In 2017,  I became involved in a clinical research trial through Medical College of Wisconsin for benign cutaneous neurofibromas. Being…

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Evita – A Face of NF

My name is Evita Ali and I have NF1. I was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis when I was 30 years of…

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Shad – A Face of NF

I joined the Army at 19 years old. I did all the training and arrived at my duty station. In…

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Silas – A Face of NF

My sixteen-year-old son began getting café au lait spots at two months old.  Our pediatrician at the time gave us…

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Sarah- A Face of NF

My STRONG and POSITIVE Sarah was born with NF1. Sarah has had 12 surgeries, 14 chemo sessions, 58 MRI’s, and…

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RJ – A Face of NF

We had moved from a quiet neighborhood to a go, go, go city which meant switching all our providers. When…

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Ben – A Face of NF

My name is Ben. I’m graduating high school next week and heading to college this fall. Neurofibromatosis type 1 was…

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