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We are on a mission to raise the public visibility and awareness of the neurofibromatoses.

Increasing Public Awareness

For NF Midwest raising awareness means educating the public and helping them to care.

Most people don’t know much about neurofibromatosis (NF). Those that do don’t always understand the incredible challenges of NF and the needs of people with NF.

One step towards towards easing the challenges of those with neurofibromaosis and schwannomatosis is to increase the understanding and support from the public. For that the public needs to know that neurofibromatosis exists, understand how awful it can be, know how they can help and want to make a difference.

You can become an activist and help raise awareness for NF. We have included here some tools to help. You may also contact the office about other ways to raise awareness.

What We Do To Raise Awareness

Public Exposure

NF Midwest staff, supporters and patients are often visible at professional and public events. These may be medical meetings, local festivals, other non-profit events and more.

We also reach out to the media to publicize events, news or stories.

Awareness Material

NF Midwest has developed material for people to hand out  to the public. This includes brochures, business cards and special cards for people who are so affected that they may find someone starting at them,

We also have shirts, stickers, wristbands and more.

Awareness Store

Share Stories

NF Midwest shares personal stories through the media, our website and social media. We also provide the means for people to share their stories with others and develop social media posts for sharing.

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