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Shad – A Face of NF

I joined the Army at 19 years old. I did all the training and arrived at my duty station. In the mornings we did physical training, which involves running. Well, my knee started to hurt after a while, and I ignored it. I enjoyed running, as it’s great way to clear my head and I was pretty good. Well, eventually it hurt to where it couldn’t be ignored. I went to doctors and got an x-ray. A few months passed and I got results. There were white splotches were all over. The doctor sent me to a few different doctors to get tested. Then the results came in. In March of 2014,  I was diagnosed with NF1. The Army tried to push me out, but I said no. I was given Neurontin to help ease pain. So far, I have had 4 tumors removed. I still can do everything I like to do, and I won’t let NF1 beat me. I’m 26 now and my knee is the main thing that hurts. I don’t any meds at the moment but I’m working on finding doctors. I have NF1 and that’s my story.


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  • Awesome my husband was in the Army and out before he found he had NF, in fact it was ten years later. Some people say we are born with it but your story and Ricard Allsop s story day different.

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