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October 2018 Slides and Transcript – Resiliency

At our October 20th, 2018 symposium, we had the pleasure of learning strategies and skills to improve resiliency and overall well-being from Eric Riklin, a man who knows the subject well both professionally and personally.  Eric,  who has a craniofacial condition and has had 25 surgeries from birth through the age of 22, is a third-year graduate student studying clinical psychology.

Eric’s presentation explored various strategies and skills to enhance resiliency and overall well-being, including his own personal insights for adults and parents. He discussed the benefits of resiliency and provided examples of ways in which individuals with NF can become more resilient. He talked about resiliency, or the ability to overcome adversity and “bounce back”, when faced with difficulties, and maintain healthy physical and emotional functioning.

We now have his transcripts and slides available for review. Note: This is a rough transcript.

Currently, Eric is a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Fordham University specializing in health psychology, specifically with children and adolescents and is a clinical extern at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. As a psychology extern, Eric provided individualized treatments to young adults and college students with a range of presenting problems including learning and attentional difficulties and mental health conditions.

Prior to starting graduate school, Eric was a clinical research coordinator at the Massachusetts General Hospital where he taught mindfulness skills and stress management techniques to adults and adolescents with chronic physical and emotional difficulties, including those with NF. Additionally, Eric has assisted with group therapy sessions and narrative video projects for pediatric patients at NYU Langone Medical Center. Eric’s research interests primarily focus on intervention development and psychological well-being of pediatric and adolescent patients with chronic health conditions. Currently, Eric conducts research examining the psychosocial needs of adolescents with craniofacial conditions and determining effective psychotherapeutic interventions for this population.

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