Celebrating 35 Years


Caitlin’s Story

WARNING THIS MAY BE DIFFICULT TO READ. A few weeks ago we shared the story of Ina, an older woman…

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Top 5 Great Steps 4NF Fundraisers

We have some Great Steps 4NF teams that are really making a difference for neurofibromatosis by using Firstgiving.com/nf as a…

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Welcome To Holland

Many years ago when my children were young someone sent me this essay by Emily Perl Kingsley, the mother of…

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Great News Article on Neurofibromatosis

Members of NF Midwest’s Central Missouri Group succeeded in getting fantastic article written about neurofibromatosis in the Columbia Daily Tribune. The…

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Neurofibromatosis Champions Challenge

We wrote this week about all the ways NF Champions can forward neurofibromatosis through public speaking, media connections, local events…

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