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Top 5 Great Steps 4NF Fundraisers

We have some Great Steps 4NF teams that are really making a difference for neurofibromatosis by using Firstgiving.com/nf as a personal online fund and awareness raising website! Check out the pages of our current TOP 5 Firstgiving fundraisers at the bottom of this post!

Note: Firstgiving does not track registrations or all donations received. Rather it is used by team members to tell the story of why they care about neurofibromatosis and are walking for the cause. Most importantly, it allows people to show their support by donating directly to the team or team member’s page.

Some teams have many members with individual pages, while some have one team page. Our most successful teams include a personal story of someone affected by NF and why they are participating in the 4NF event. They also use many methods to get the word (and it is a BIG word) out. They use social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google), they email and the send out good old fashion snail mail (which is still the strongest way to reach people).

Our successful fund and awareness raisers also show people different ways that they can donate. This includes their Firstgiving page, mailing a check, or donating through the DONATE TODAY button on NF Midwest’s website where they can designate the team.

You may have noticed that we call it “Fund and Awareness” raising because that’s what these pages do. When they are shared and possibly re-shared and retweeted, they not only raise valuable cash for the cause, they raise awareness about neurofibromatosis which is something that is also important. So please if you are participating in a Great Steps 4NF event or another 4NF event (even one of your own making), please set-up a Firstgiving page. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here are our current top fundraisers on Firstgiving. Click on their photo to see their Firstgiving page and read their stories.


Carter from Carter-man's SuperMinions

Carter from Carter-man’s SuperMinions

Brody from the Brody Bunch

Brody from the Brody Bunch

Karissa from the HappyKampers

Karissa from the HappyKampers

Jack from The Flap-Jacks

Jack from The Flap-Jacks

Marissa's Mighty Mob

Marissa’s Mighty Mob


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