Celebrating 35 Years

Neurofibromatosis Champions Share Everyday

We are focusing this week on the many ways NF Midwest Champions are and can raise neurofibromatosis awareness. Some do it by speaking to groups and others have been able to get media exposure.

There are others who raise awareness by holding local events, by sharing their story with extended family and friends and/or by thinking of the cause in their regular celebrations. For instance, Don R. recently had a birthday party and requested NF donations instead of birthday presents in honor of a friend’s child with NF. A couple of Naperville Great Steps teams (Git-R-Done and Team Monkey) worked together in Tinley Park handing out info and collecting donations at busy street corners. Last spring Joey A. held a blow-pop sale at his school and while educating classmates and teachers, he raised $400 for the cause. The Mount Prospect, IL Jaycees held a zombie pub crawl; John O. is planning a poker party with friends; and Jennifer L. will soon be Uncorking a Cure with a wine event. The opportunities for NF awareness and fundraising are endless.


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