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Personal Fundraising Events

Support those dedicated people who have set-up their own events to raise NF awareness and funds.

Listed here are fundraising and awareness-raising events created by our members to support neurofibromatosis and NF Midwest’s mission to improve the lives of children and adults with neurofibromatosis.

It takes special, dedicated people to take their valuable time and resources to raise funds and awareness. We appreciate them all for their efforts and hope that you will support them in whatever way you can.

Current Events

Hand to Heart Art 4NF

Kalona is selling her art and plants to support NF1. Her granddaughter has neurofibromatosis and I am trying to help by creating art and selling plants.

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SamJam 4NF Music and Brew Fest

Every year in August or September Sam and his family hold an all-day music and brew festival in Carlinville, IL.

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Successful Past Events

Birdies for Charity

Every year since 2012 Steve Reason has organized NF Midwest’s participation in John Deere’s Birdies for Charity program every year.

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Team Aydin Bowling for a Cure

January 30, 2016

Always looking to give back and to help others, Aydin’s family and friends put together a 9 pin bowling party to raise funds for their Chippewa Falls Great Steps 4NF team.

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Raised $8,600 with goal of $8,000

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