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Birdies for Charity Pledge

Birdies for Charity Pledge

This year’s Birdies for Charity has been cancelled but you can still win a 2 year lease on a Lexus NX or other prizes. Last year’s event raised 13.8 million dollars going towards 542 charities, including NF Midwest!

To make a pledge to the 2020 John Deere Birdies for Charity program for NF Midwest, please use this form. After the event, you will receive an invoice from Birdies for Charity. One hundred percent of your donation, PLUS another 5% or more will be forwarded to NF Midwest.

In addition, if you guess the correct amount of birdies scored during the tournament you may win a two-year lease on a Lexus, a riding mower, or other prizes! (Note: in 2020 because the event is cancelled ALL guesses will be entered into the drawing) Basically, it’s a raffle and those with the correct number will be put in a drawing.

Birdie totals past years are:  2091 (2019); 2355(2018); 1918(2017); 1982(2016); 1990 (2015); 2040 (2014); 2142 (2013); 2113 (2012); 2160 (2011)


    You may pledge of one cent or more per birdie or make one time flat donation of $10 or more. If you pledge per birdie it will be based on the actual number of birdies made during the tournament.

  • The event is cancelled. All penny pledges will be converted to a flat $20 donation per penny pledged (for example .01/birdie = $20, .02/birdie=$40, etc

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