Celebrating 35 Years

Why We Walk in Naperville

Our walk in Naperville is just two days away on Saturday, June 3rd; today is Throwback Thursday; and NF Awareness month just ended. In honor of all this, and because raising awareness is not just a one month endeavor, we’re sharing some past “Why We Walk” articles from the Daily Herald for our Naperville walk.

Thank you to all the families and individuals who shared their stories over the years. If you’d like to share your story please let us know!

Noelle, Teacher from Naperville (2017)

Ali, Living Life to the Fullest (2016)

The Reyes’ Takes Steps for Olivia (2015)

Team Alex Takes the Road Less Traveled (2014)

Katie Combats Neurofibromatosis (2011)

The O’Donnells’ Walk Because They Can (2009)


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