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NF Midwest’s Outreach and Care Program & Coordinator

NF Midwest is very excited to talk about our new(ish) Outreach and Care Program. This is a program that we’ve been piloting, and sort of experimenting with, for over a year. The goal of our Outreach and Care Program is to make sure that No One Fights Alone in the NF Midwest Community and the cornerstone of this program is the addition of an outreach/care coordinator whose main job is to keep in touch with individuals in our community.

In May, Liz Campana became our Outreach/Care Coordinator. Many of you may have already spoken with her or know her from the many years that she has been involved with NF Midwest. Liz’s priority is to follow-up with, and for, the NF Midwest community, but she will also be working together with leaders in our local groups to build community locally, and often as a liaison to our NF clinics to help improve care.

As we said, the Outreach/Care Coordinator is the cornerstone, or main leg, of our Outreach and Care Program. We are developing other “legs” to this program and look forward to sharing more soon. In the meantime, here’s an introduction from Liz…

Hey everyone! I am Liz Campana from NF Midwest. You may know me as the office administrator but since May, I’ve been your Outreach and Care Coordinator.  I’m new to this position but not new to NF. I have a 22 year old daughter with NF1 and have been involved with NF Midwest for over 20 years; as fundraiser, volunteer, board member and for the past 5 years, on staff.

My top priority is YOU, the NF community. Most of my day is dedicated to reaching out and connecting with people who have just been diagnosed, found us on Facebook or our website or maybe a new issue has just come up.  Whatever it is, I am here to listen, share my experiences and help you know you are not fighting NF alone.  I may not have the immediate answer, but our staff at NF Midwest works as a team to pool our knowledge to find the resources and support you need.

I also spend time staying in touch with our NF clinics and keeping my ear to the ground for new Doctors who have a heart for NF and are willing to treat us.  I work with our existing local area NF support

groups and help establish new ones in our region.   My goal is to ensure our NF community gets the best care and support possible.

If I haven’t already been in touch, I hope to talk to you soon!

You can email Liz at .

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