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New Neurofibromatosis Clinic at Loyola in Chicago

NF Midwest is excited to announce that we have a new clinic for neurofibromatosis now open in the Loyola University Health System with locations for appointments in Burr Ridge and Maywood. Dr. Nikolas Mata-Machado has a deep interest in patients with neurofibromatosis and served a neurological fellowship under Dr. James Tonsgard at the University of Chicago where he learned a great deal about NF and NF patients in Dr. Tonsgard’s large NF clinic. In fact, Dr. Mata-Machado is on the cover of our third edition of Understanding Neurofibromatosis.

Dr. Mata-Machado will be seeing adults and children with neurofibromatosis and speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish (as well as English…obviously).

Find out more about finding an NF doctor here.

Note: As of June 2016 Dr. Mata-Machado has moved to St. Alexis in Hoffman Estates. Appoinments may be made by calling 847-490-4222.

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  • Is this JUST clinic or do you remove fibromas? I’ve been to clinics before, but I need to be directed to someone that can remove my fibromas.

    Burr Ridge and Maywood are not Chicago so it would be a hike for me to get there.

  • Hello my name Is Jessica I live in U.K. and have NF but have severe growths on my body and curvature of spine that was not straighten properly when I was young I am now 19 years old I am having one removed at the end of this month but it still leaves me with other large growths I am small for my age height 4ft 5 ins I feel I have not been given the right treatment can you help my Origin is Porchagal father and Angola Mother I was born in Porchagal

    • He does see NF2, but I’m not sure how familiar the various specialist are yet. You may want to ask this on the NF2 Crew or the Inspire site. Maybe see if others with NF2 have been there.

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