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Neurofibromatosis Champions Challenge

We wrote this week about all the ways NF Champions can forward neurofibromatosis through public speaking, media connections, local events and the internet. Now we hope that everyone will think about how they can step up and be an NF Champion to raise awareness and funds for research and programs of education and care.

We challenge you to DoIt4NF. “It” can be anything…an event to raise funds and awareness, speaking to a group, finding a corporate sponsor, connecting with someone of influence or spreading the word to your social network.

One easy challenge is to come up with a message about NF and how it affects you or the change you want to see. We can all then take this message and share it to spread the word. Create an Instagram video or one of those crazy 6 second Vines and we will all share it with the world. If you have enough space on your creation it is especially important to let people know that they can get more information at www.nfmidwest.org and that they can donate there as well. A “like” doesn’t help the cause.

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