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iNFo Fair 2018: Living with NF1

This year we’re excited to have one of our NF Midwest clinic directors presenting for the first time at NF Midwest’s  Symposium and iNFo Fair. Neha Patel MD, the director of the Comprehensive Pediatric Neurocutaneous Disorders Clinic (which includes neurofibromatosis) in Madison will give a presentation on “Living with NF1-What should you know?”. This will include a detailed overview of NF1 and the care her clinic provides to NF1 children. We’ve seen many presenters discuss NF1 in general and every time we learn new information. You can never get too much iNFo!

Dr. Patel is a pediatric pediatric neurooncologist from the University of Wisconsin at Madison/American Family Children’s Hospital and a passionate care provider for children with NF. She is involved in the REiNS Collaboration for Response Intervention in Neurofibromatosis and Schwannomatosis. She is also collaboratively working with many researchers at the University of Wisconsin in understanding the implication of different NF1 mutations on animals and how this translates in humans. Eventually, the UW research team is hoping to develop novel screening methods for early detection and therapies for early interventions. Dr. Patel is also working with Dr. Paige Mission, a pediatric neuropsychologist, in developing novel neuropsychological assessment and interventions in NF1 children as well as the psychosocial impact on sibling and caretaker of a child with NF1.

Dr. Patel is a vital part of our NF community and very excited to join us on October 20th!

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