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Watch Libby on The Doctors!

NF Midwest member, Libby, did an amazing job in her third appearance on The Doctors television show and her reveal was very moving!

We want to thank Libby for putting the work into this and for putting her face and story out there for the world. She is advancing NF awareness for the NF Community! We’re so fortunate to have Libby in the NF Midwest community, working for the cause, and helping those with neurofibromatosis everywhere!

We think that some areas, like Chicago, might be an episode behind on The Doctors so they didn’t show Libby’s episode but it may be on Tuesday the 16th. Otherwise, we have the episode in two-parts below and links to the past episodes further down on the page.

Video: My Entire Body is Covered in Tumors

Video: Living Covered in Tumors

Video: Women Covered in Tumors Returns

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