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NF Midwest Symposium and iNFo Fair

Gene therapy and gene editing is a hot topic and is showing promise for the future. Learn more!

iNFo Fair 2019: Gene Editing and Gene Therapy

If you’re paying any attention to medical research you’ve probably been hearing more and more about gene editing and gene therapy as a treatment or possible cure to various disorders. However, if you’re like me you’ve been scratching your head and trying to understand what CRISPR is and wondering if neurofibromatosis might soon benefit in some way from the boom in gene science.

To answer our questions and give us insight into the past, present, and future of gene editing and gene therapy with regard to neurofibromatosis, we’ve invited Dr. Bob Kesterson to speak at NF Midwest’s Symposium and iNFo Fair. Dr. Kesterson is a professor of genetics and a researcher at the University of Alabama (UAB). He is a member of the UAB Neurofibromatosis Program which is one of the renowned programs in the country and the center of most genetic testing for neurofibromatosis. He is also one of four researchers at UAB to be awarded a grant by the Gilbert Family Foundation’s Gene Therapy Initiative to “explore developmental and potentially curative therapies to address the underlying genetic abnormalities of neurofibromatosis type 1”.

This is a great opportunity to understand the possibilities and to prepare for the future! Use the link below to learn about our other speakers and to register for our November 9th symposium.

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