Celebrating 35 Years

NF Midwest Symposium and iNFo Fair

John Manth will talk about the work of NF2 BioSolutions

iNFo Fair 2019: NF2 BioSolutions

NF Midwest is pleased and excited to have Mr. John Manth presenting at our November Symposium.  As a father and dedicated advocate for his daughter, Leah, diagnosed with NF2, John will be enlightening and educating us about NF2 BioSolutions, an organization only a year old which has developed a strategy to support the mission of finding a gene therapy for NF2.  John serves on the board of directors of NF2 BioSolutions, as well as NF Network and NF Northeast, bringing years of expertise in personally navigating and supporting the research and science involved in the evolution of the management of this disease. 

It is critical that we update ourselves in the direction that NF2 BioSolutions is leading us!


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