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iNFo Fair 2018: Improving Executive Functioning Through Play

We will have a unique presentation about improving executive functioning through play at NF Midwest’s October 20th Symposium and iNFo Fair.  Parent’s of children with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) will not want to miss this!

Learning disabilities, often with executive functioning issues, is common in children with NF1. Executive functions are cognitive skills we all use to analyze tasks, break them into steps, and keep them in mind until we get things done. These skills allow us to manage our time effectively, memorize facts, understand what we read, solve multi-step problems, and organize our thoughts in writing.  If your child has unusual difficulty getting organized, remembering things, doing homework, and finishing projects, they may have executive function issues.

Alix Tonsgard, the Early Learning Specialist at the DuPage Children’s Museum, will talk about and demonstrate play that helps children improve their executive functioning skills. This information will also prove helpful in teaching all children!

Jill Samonte MS MPA, Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist at DuPage Children’s Museum, will also be on hand working and playing with the children in our Kid’s Group. Plus, there will be toys and exhibits for children and adults. Alix and Jill are lifetime advocates for play!

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