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Help NF Midwest Recover for 2023

We’re putting 2020 through 2022 in the review mirror and looking forward to an amazing 2023.

Honestly, it’s been a TOUGH couple of years. There were times when our small staff was barely keeping it together and we knew that most people in our community were struggling as well.

Navigating the “remote” world, supporting our community, raising funds, figuring out how to do it all, and having limited volunteers, resources, and support was often physically and emotionally crushing…and it was lonely.

What kept us going were the many meaningful moments. The calls of parents looking for help and hope after a child is diagnosed. The online meetings with researchers who have amazing and promising projects they need funding or participants for. Camp kids enjoying a “bonfire” through remote video. The online educational and support meetings and the joy of “seeing” people who live so far away we may never have met if not for COVID.

We know that like NF Midwest, many are still recovering. We’re sensing continued exhaustion, and distraction from our community. We’ve seen our volunteers and resources became scarcer and they’re slow coming back.

However, as we enter in to 2023, we’re feeling energized and optimistic for better times. We hope you are as well.

Please join with us in recovery and revitalization. Step forward now with a gift for 2023 and if possible, commit to fundraising of volunteering.

We need your support more than ever. We can only get BETTER TOGETHER.

Your gift, no matter the size shows you care and support the work and people of NF Midwest.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We wish for a you the happiest of holidays and an amazing 2023!

Warmest Regards,

Diana Haberkamp
Executive Director

PS.  You may donate at give.nfmidwest.org/bettertogether. This includes credit card, PayPal, ETF, and cryptocurrency. Please contact me if you need assistance with donating an IRA contribution or stock.

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