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Funding Through the CDMRP By State

Every year NF Midwest staff and volunteers travel to Washington, DC to advocate for research dollars for neurofibromatosis and schwannomatosis through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program or CDMRP which is “managed” by the Department of Defense. We also advocate for language supporting research through the National Institutes of Health or NIH. So there are two programs that we target.

We have data from the CDRMP program that shows how much each state has received in funding for neurofibromatosis and schwannomatosis since 1996. Of course, research done anywhere helps people with NF everywhere, but it’s nice to see that the efforts of NF Midwest bring a direct return to research in our area. Since 1996, NF Midwest has spent over $350,000 for lobbying which has resulted in $25,310,000 (over $25 Million!) for NF research in NF Midwest’s service area of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

NF Midwest is the only organization dedicated to lobbying solely for our region. Every year we go to DC with personal letters and meet legislative aids almost every half hour over the course of two days. We also follow-up with those aids when we come back and during the year.

Together as a community, we get this done! If you haven’t sent us your personal letters, learn how here.

Here are how the research dollars from the CDMRP (this not include research through the National Institutes of Health) breakdown by state since 1996 in our area and surrounding states. You can see the full chart here.

  • Illinois 1.12 Million
  • Indiana $13.29 Million
  • Iowa $2.7 Million
  • Missouri $7.56 Million
  • Wisconsin $.64 Million

Surrounding States

  • Michigan $7.39 Million
  • Minnesota $2.96 Million
  • Ohio $18.11 Million

See full chart

Please send us letters to take to DC. You can learn how here.

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