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Do it Your Way Fundraising: Doesn’t Have to be Difficult or Time Consuming.

Fundraising is an essential part of keeping organizations operating to continue their mission of research, support, and advocacy. Events such as galas, walks and concerts can help to raise funds, however big events are not the only way to make a big impact.

Do-it-Your Way fundraisers, no matter how big or small, can make a significant difference in the world of nonprofits. Recently members of a CrossFit TILT group in Waltham, Massachusetts raised more than $30,000 for a Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia nonprofit organization called NKH Crusaders. The members of CrossFit TILT formed teams to compete in a rowing marathon. Supporters were encouraged to cheer on the rowers and donate what they could towards the cause. Not only did rowers and on lookers have a great time, but they also made a huge impact for Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia.

Fundraising does not have to be overwhelming or take a lot of your time. You can turn everyday events into a way to raise money such as:

Encourage coworkers to donate to a nonprofit by participating in a dress down Fridays.

Give something up for a period of time such as coffee or chocolate and ask a friend to join you. You can even create teams and compete on who can go the longest amount of time without their favorite vice.

Put loose change in a jar and donate it when it is full.

Some other great DIY Fundraising events are:

Trivia night

Bowling night

Video gaming night

Dance party night

Golf Tournament

Take A Swing at NF Event 2014

I once went to a baby shower and every time someone said the word baby, they donated a dollar. The funds were then donated to a nonprofit that helped mothers in need. It was a fun game and an easy way to raise funds.

The funds raised at the baby shower may have not brought in thousands of dollars in donations however you never know the success that can come from a DIY. For example, the Ice Bucket Challege was a small fundraising campaign that took off after golfer Chris Kennedy was challenged and chose the ALS Foundation as his charity of choice due to its connection to his family. From there the Challege became a virtual internet sensation raising millions for ALS. You can read more about it here.

Anything can be turned into a fundraiser so be creative and do it your way, include a hobby that you like and have fun while making an impact for a cause that is important to you.

For more information or help with getting started with your own DIY fundraiser please email Maggie, our Event and Fundraiser Coordinator.

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