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Donate at Exactly 7 AM CST on Facebook on December 3rd!

NF Midwest is looking to raise $50,000 for clinical trials!

$7 Million at 7 AM on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is December 3rd and we invite you to join us in coming together with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors in kicking off our year end campaign to support clinical trials for neurofibromatosis in the Midwest on this great day of giving!

Donate on Facebook at 7 AM CST!
This year, if you donate on a Facebook fundraising page for NF Midwest your donation could be doubled. This is because Facebook is matching up to $7 million in eligible donations starting at 7 AM CST. While $7 million is A LOT of money and Facebook is limiting to $100,000 per non-profit, it will be gone in seconds and NF Midwest may only get a small slice of it…or nothing…unless our supporters time it perfectly. This means donating AT 7 AM CST.

Note that Facebook allows a maximum of $2,499 per donation entry unless you verify your identity, then you can donate a maximum of $20,000. Obviously, these are large donations, but ANY amount is fantastic. It’s awesome to turn $50 into $100. While this is a game of timing and luck, your donation may be doubled, and if it’s not that’s okay as the other bonus is that Facebook charges no fees! So whatever you donate, NF Midwest will get the entire amount.

We Want to Raise $50,000 for Clinical Trials by the End of the Year!
It’s an amazing time for clinical drugs…or real medicine to treat some of the complications of neurofibromatosis. There are approximately 12 different sites in the NF Midwest region now doing some sort of clinica trial. Unfortunately, they are often underfunded and need our support. Our goal for Giving Tuesday and the end of year is to raise $50,000 to support these trials and the patients participating. This is a huge goal but we can reach it as a community.

How Can You Help?
Be ready to donate at 7 am and get your friends and family ready too. You can either donate at our page HERE or create one of your own now HERE. Whatever page you decide to use, be sure to share it and prepare everyone you know. If people miss the 7 am deadline continue to encourage them all through the day!

Keep on the lookout for more information on our Clinical Trials Campaign and why reaching this goal means so much to so many with NF.

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