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November is Nonprofit Awareness Month

10 Ways You Can Help Your Favorite Nonprofits!

10 Ways You Can Help Your Favorite Nonprofits!

Which nonprofits have you wanted to help this year? You probably have a list of your favorites! Supporting those meaningful causes may be easier than you think.

As Executive Director of Neurofibromatosis (NF) Midwest, I’ve learned that people are an organization’s greatest asset and have the greatest power to advance a cause like neurofibromatosis.

You may not realize it, but even the littlest actions can have a huge, positive impact on a nonprofit.

Wondering where to start? Here’s a list of ten ideas on how you can help your favorite nonprofits.

1. Follow or Like your favorite nonprofits on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Your vote of confidence is social proof that a nonprofits cause is meaningful, and by following the organization you influence those strange hidden internet powers and boost their reach. In other words, your simple click helps your favorite organization touch more lives.

To really increase NF Midwest’s reach be sure to like, share and comment on our posts, or post a picture and note on social media about your experience with NF Midwest.

Want to follow NF Midwest? Here are our links:

Facebook.com/nfmidwest, Twitter.com/nfmidwest, Instagram.com/nfmidwest, Youtube.com/nfmidwest, LinkedIn.com/company/nfmidwest

2. Talk about your favorite nonprofit and forward one of their emails to a friend to help build new connections.

In nearly every conversation about NF Midwest, an “aha!” moment occurs. Someone will say “I know someone who can help” or “I know someone who has NF”. These connections unlock new possibilities. When you’re out with friends or at a business function bring up your favorite nonprofits and causes that are important to you. When you receive an email from your favorite organization, think about who in your circle may be able to help or who you know that the nonprofit may be able to help.

At NF Midwest, we’re looking to make connections not only with people who have NF, but also with your neighbors and family, as well as businesses, foundations, doctors, and other nonprofits.

3. Email your favorite nonprofits a story about how they impacted you or send a note of encouragement.

Nonprofit staff and volunteers put their heart and soul into their cause. Often giving many hours with little positive feedback. Also, depending on the type of nonprofit they work for, they may frequently be discouraged in their inability to help as much as they’d like or saddened at the circumstances of people they work with.

Your story of how NF Midwest helped you, or your note of encouragement, can be very uplifting. At NF Midwest, your experience might become a powerful testimony that helps us spread the word about neurofibromatosis, what we do, and why we do it.

4. Give one of their products as a birthday gift or during the holiday season.

Many nonprofits have merchandise, products, or gift cards for services. In many cases, these gifts raise awareness for the cause.

Looking for an NF Midwest gift? Check out our store (www.nfmidwest.org/store) for some great awareness merchandise or make a donation in a loved one’s name. You may even direct it to camp, scholarships, research etc.

5. Volunteer!

Think about what skills or interests you have and what time you are able to give. Check out your favorite nonprofit’s website for volunteer opportunities. If you don’t see anything, contact them. Some non-profits might not have something that is a fit for you when you call, but keep in touch with them. Remember, that the staff at most nonprofits are stretched and overwhelmed. They may be struggling to find time to touch base with you, so help them out by contacting them occasionally and asking how you can help.

Be sure to reach out to NF Midwest! Send us a quick email with your thoughts and area of expertise or interest. At NF Midwest, we’re always looking for people who want to serve on a committee, chair an event, or volunteer in various ways. Call about our Dream Team. Currently we are specifically looking for experts in Google ads, SEO, graphic design, public relations, LinkedIn, and creative writing (and more!).

6. Review your favorite nonprofits wherever you can.

This is an easy one that only takes a few moments and costs nothing, yet it can have a great impact on a nonprofit. Well-placed reviews influence people at decision-making moments. Your review counts. If you write one, multiply your impact by posting it on a couple sites.

Review NF Midwest on our Facebook Page or at Great NonProfits.

7. Look for opportunities to “shop” and support your favorite nonprofit.

There are various programs (and always new ones popping up) in which you can shop and have a portion of your purchases go to your favorite nonprofit at no cost to you.

Shop through iGive at iGive.com and select NF Midwest as your charity. Better yet, set-up your iGive account and then install the iGive button on your browser. When you shop, if a store is a part of iGive, a button will pop up and you can automatically have a portion of your purchase go to your favorite charity. Similarly, when shopping at Amazon use smile.amazon.com or install their extension so that a part of your purchases always goes to NF Midwest.

8. Think of an influencer in your sphere who should know about the organization and make an introduction.

Do you know a local celebrity, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, or other influencer who might be able to help the cause? Personal connections are key and can have a great impact. There are many ways that influencers may help the cause.

If you’d like to help NF Midwest in this way, we’re specifically looking to make connections in the media and with younger online influencers.

9. Fundraise! Awareness Raise!

There are SOOO many ways to fundraise. Contact your local nonprofit for ideas, but usually you can do anything that works for you. This might be a fun event with the profits going to your favorite cause or a simple campaign online and through the mail sharing your story and asking friends to support your efforts in any way they can. The bonus is that anything you do also raises awareness for your favorite cause.

NF Midwest has many ways to fundraise and raise awareness, and materials to help. This includes walks, virtual walks, Facebook fundraising, holding an event, and more. Contact for assistance.

10. Support you favorite nonprofits financially!

It’s number 10 on the list, but it’s really the most important. Donating something, anything, reaffirms to nonprofits that their work matters AND that you’re out there listening, and caring about their work. Whether you can donate $10, $100, or $1000…any amount gives nonprofits a positive much needed boost. Also, it’s easy to think that only large dollar amounts make a difference. However, keep in mind that $10,000 is only 400 gifts of $25, or 100 gifts of $100.

At NF Midwest, like so many nonprofits, we struggle to maintain the level of our programs and to achieve our mission in this ever more competitive world. We need funds! Working together to fundraise, “awareness raise”, AND giving to the cause we can achieve so much! PS. Don’t forget to see about matches to your donations from your employer!

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