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Wyatt – A Face of NF

Wyatt was diagnosed with NF type 1 when he was 2 years old. He will be turning 13 years old on May 10th. Wyatt has many, small café au lait spots, as well as some gross and fine motor skill delays. He has four hamartoma tumors in his brain, and has soft tissue tumors on both sides of this neck and at the base of his spine. He has made a lot of progress in the last few years with continued occupational therapy at school. His physical therapist released him a little over a year ago for his gross motor delays. He has yearly MRI’s to check on his tumors and their growth rate.

Wyatt plays the drums in his school band and has been playing the guitar for almost 3 years. He plays soccer in a summer league, just completed his first season in Scholastic Bowl, and is a member of his junior high track team throwing shot put and discus. As a family, we have been participating in Great Steps for NF walks in Effingham, IL and Taylorville, IL for the last 10 years. Meeting other families that understand what NF is has been a blessing in our lives.

– Mindy (mom)


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