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Unleash Your Impact: DIY Fundraising Spotlight

NF Midwest extends heartfelt gratitude to the Frano Family for their remarkable generosity and creativity.

Inspired by their commitment, the Frano’s daughters crafted beautiful bracelets, turning their creative energy into a force for good. Additionally, Kim Frano was a part of the Pink Balls who participated in the Lake Bluff engaged in a wiffleball tournament, clinching second place, and securing the opportunity to designate a charity. Their choice? NF Midwest.

Through these endeavors, the Frano Family’s combined efforts raised over $5,000, a testament to their dedication to supporting NF Midwest. These funds will be credited to their 2024 fundraising efforts if they choose to Walk4NF, create a DIY page, or another fundraising effort.

Now, let’s draw inspiration from families like the Franos! Ready to turn your passion into action? DIY Fundraising Events await, putting the power to make a difference in your hands. Whether it’s a marathon, bake sale or virtual challenge, your creativity knows no bounds. These events not only amplify your impact but also bring our community closer to our shared goals.

Don’t hesitate—dive into the world of DIY Fundraising and let your unique ideas shine. Together, we’re not just raising funds; we’re building a movement of hope, resilience, and positive change.

Start your journey today because, when it comes to making a difference, every step—no matter how small—counts. Your event, your way, our shared mission!

Let’s transform passion into purpose.

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