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Tim – A Face of NF

I am 64 years old with no prior neurofibromatosis  family history and none of my 6 siblings have NF, making me a genetic mutation. I did not develop any fibromas until my late teens / early 20’s. My  family doctor at the time (over 40 years ago) removed one, biopsied it, and simply said “nothing to worry about”. I am now 64 and my back is loaded with fibromas, also several on my limbs, and more recently I am developing some on my face, which make me a little self-conscious. Over the last 10 -12 years I have had over 100 removed, mostly from my back, and so far none have been cancerous. My adult daughter (38) inherited NF from me, and her symptoms are more severe than mine.

– Tim & Sue (wife of 22 years)




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