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Taylor – A Face of NF

I have been running competitively for almost 2 years and love it. It helps me relax, great stress reliever gave me a new goal to accomplish. That is to run a marathon someday with my little brother and raise awareness for NF.  I never really was a runner when I was younger mostly loved soccer, art, playing video games, watching anime, and medical documentaries. I love learning about different illnesses and anything medical, as long as I’m not the patient. This interest came from when I was younger I was sick had to get blood transfusions other tests at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Thought the hospital was cool as  it had a McDonald’s in it, and got to learn about the medical equipment. Which helped me with my interest in the medical career. At this time also is when my parents learned I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder of the nerves called Neurofibromatosis(NF) type 1. It causes pain, tumors to grow on the nerves, cysts, learning delays, nerve damage, stomach problems, joint issues, and other issues. For a long time, I would go once a year get tests done and checked for tumor growths. I was able to help students learn since they had several interns learning to become doctors. I do my best to not let NF stop me from my goals and try to live life to the fullest . I do have pain, but have learned to deal with it. I gave up on my search for a doctor since I have had no luck and would rather not upset/stress myself over it anymore. I will continue my journey in running – getting better and to kick butt in my runs with tumors and all! I will be NF strong and continue to live my life to the fullest everyday!

– Taylor


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