Celebrating 35 Years
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Stacey and Matt – Faces of NF

We inherited NF1 from our mom, Shirley, who passed away from breast cancer at the age of 53. She fought cancer three different times. Since then research has shown that people with NF1 have an increased risk of cancer…especially breast cancer…and that cancer is often more aggressive in people with NF1. Stacey struggles with physical pain and a tumor on her right femoral nerve that causes a limp. Matt has had many surgeries to remove tumors from his chest, face, legs, back, and head. Both of us have anxiety and learning disabilities, but we don’t let NF hold us back. We are both emergency responders with an emergency management agency. Matt runs marathons and Stacey runs after her little boy.

“Our mom raised us to understand that NF was just something we have, not who we are.”

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