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Special Neurofibromatosis Blood Draw

NF Midwest Symposium Attendees Give Blood for Research.

Those who attended Neurofibromatosis Midwest’s Symposium on Oct. 13th had a rare opportunity to participate in an onsite dermal fibroma study. People with neurofibromatosis type 1 with a very low or a very high neurofibroma tumor counts were able to give blood for a study which is looking for genetic modifiers that might provide insight as to why some people have many or few cutaneous neurofibromas. Our participants were eager and enthusiastic to have this chance to be part of research and to make a difference. Neurofibromatosis Midwest is pleased to help fund part this study in conjunction with Neurofibromatosis Northeast and is very grateful to Dr. Fawn Leigh of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital for her work and dedication to our cause.


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