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NF1 – A Deeper Overview

Just in case you missed our NF Midwest Symposium and iNFo Fair in November (even if you didn’t and just want a review) we’ve posted slides from Dr. Moertel’s excellent presentation that provided a deeper overview on Neurofibromatosis Type 1. For now, we’ve posted these slides as a PDF on the new NF Patient Portal on Genefo.

This is a more in-depth overview that includes some great information and photos!

Even if you think you know everything about NF-1, we think you’ll find something new – so you will want to check it out! The slides aren’t quite as informative without the narration, but as a bonus, if you have a question Dr. Moertel will try to stop by the patient portal to answer it. If not, we have others that can do so.

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