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NF Type 1 and Cancer Risk and Screening

An article by Sharon Reynolds from the National Cancer Institue highlights the importance of people with neurofibromatosis type 1(NF1) to be diligent about paying attention to their bodies and symptoms to help detect cancer. NF1 is known to cause neurofibromas which are normally benign, however people with NF1 may be at a greater risk of developing certain cancers. One of those cancers being breast cancer. New guidelines suggest that those with NF1 should be screened for breast cancer as early as age 30 compared to the average recommended screening age of 40. Prevention and early detection are key to survival rates so just as the article advices, if you feel something do something and talk with your doctor about your concerns. Sharons Reynolds article would be good resource to share with your doctor to start the conversation. For more information and to read this article in its entirety please visit the following link.

NF1 Associated with More Cancer Types Than Previously Known – NCI

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