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NF Organizations Collaborate

To Fund NF2 Gene Therapy Research

NF Midwest Collaborates to Fund NF2 Gene Therapy Research

NF Midwest, NF Northeast and NF2 BioSolutions have joined forces to fund an NF2 Gene Therapy Research Study at the Mueller Lab at the Gene Therapy Center, UMass Medical School. This $65,000 grant will be used to design, manufacture and test potential gene therapy vectors for Neurofibromatosis Type 2.  Dr. Katharina Meijboom, a postdoctoral researcher, is heading up the project. Her  research will focus on several different approaches and will be tested in both cell lines and mouse models.  The Mueller Laboratory at the UMass Gene Therapy Center has a long history of using recombinant AAV as a platform for gene therapy in a plethora of different diseases, ranging from liver diseases to central nervous system diseases, such as ALS.

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