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New Neurofibromatosis Clinic in Louisville

NF Midwest is excited to have another NF clinic to add to the region. This one is through the University of Louisville. This clinic will see children AND adults. We look forward to working with and supporting the Louisville NF Clinic. You can help support it by fundraising and also by using it and giving us your feedback.

The University of Louisville Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center’s Genetics Unit received a WHAS Crusade for Children grant to begin a neurocutaneous specialty clinic.  Alexander Asamoah, MD, PhD, received this grant in order to create a specialty clinic for patients with neurofibromatosis I.  The clinic is held once a month and consists of an appointment with Dr. Asamoah and with a pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Rahul Bhola, at the Lion’s Eye Center at the University of Louisville.  The clinic will allow for genetic evaluation and management in addition to an ophthalmology evaluation on the same day for new patients (children and adults) who may have the diagnosis of NF-1, as well as for patients already diagnosed.  Kelly Jackson, MS CGC, a genetic counselor, will be coordinating the clinic.  Appointments may be made at 502-588-0888.

Find out more about finding an NF doctor here.


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  • This is wonderful…the more help that is out there for those that have NF1, the better. We take our daughter to Cincinnati children’s Hospital at this time….she was diagnosed with NF1 just before her 2nd birthday…she’s now 21 years old and a Junior in college.

  • I am so excited this is finally here. I have seen Dr. Asamoah before. He is wonderful and kind and great bed side manner.I’m looking forward to working with him.

    • Catherine, we’re so glad that you have positive words for Dr. Asamoah. We have heard only good things which is why we really want to work with his clinic and support it in whatever way we can. Please, keep us posted of your experiences.

  • I just recently went to UofL actually first of June to see a neurologist after waiting a few months on my appointment date. It was really just a waist of time for me and the Drs, was basically told to maybe go back to the Cleveland Clinic where they see more patients with NF1, never once did they say anything about this clinic

    • The clinic in Louisville is smaller and it may be that a lot of the hospital is unaware of their existence. We’ll let them know of the issue. However, even the clinic there may refer more complicated cases to Cleveland where they have more experienced specialists.

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