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Neurofibromatosis Champions Reach the World through the Internet

We can all raise neurofibromatosis awareness whether it is by talking to groups, getting some media exposure or holding local events, but the potentially biggest reach of all is through the internet.

We have had NF Champions create great video content like Stephanie R and share it on the internet. We’ve had wonderful stories shared through Firstgiving that are spread via Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Email, etc. They raise awareness with personal stories and they raise much needed funds by simply asking for a small donation.

As an NF Champion think about starting now to share your story via the internet. It is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness and funds for the cause. Set up a Firstgiving page in your or a loved ones name. Create moving content and share it with all your contacts. Contact Liz or Kelli in the office today and they can help you get started.

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