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Medical Imaging for NF1: Radiation Exposure

We have a new be iNFormed article for our NF Midwest community. be iNFormed articles are written on various subjects of interest to the NF community in easy to read formats. The articles may be on specific complications or about other areas of interest such as neuropsychological testing or information for teachers.

Our newest article is about medical imaging for neurofibromatosis type 1 and the risks of radiation exposure in x-rays and CAT scans vs. MRI’s and other imaging techniques. This is a very important subject that everyone with NF1, or caring for someone with NF1 needs to be aware of. It was written for us by Allison Goetsch, MS, CGC, of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

We thank Ms. Goetsch for taking the time to create this piece for us and for the NF community!

Please read the article here.

We are always working on expanding our be iNFormed learning library. Please let us know if there is a subject you’d like to see an article on.


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