Celebrating 35 Years

Make a Difference in the Life of Someone With Neurofibromatosis!

As our year ends in this season of love,
embrace someone with NF.

Dear Friend,

This year Pope Francis wrapped his arms in love around a man covered with tumors.

Pope and man with neurofibromatosis

Will you do the same?

Make a Difference Today!

That man had neurofibromatosis or simply NF.

Over 2 million people in the world suffer from NF. Many are covered with tumors like that courageous man. Others carry tumors inside, have severe bone problems that cause amputation, have cancer, severe pain, learning disabilities and more.

Many have suffered and died in loneliness. Others struggle everyday looking for love, hope and understanding while living with the uncertainties of NF.

You can embrace those people by supporting Neurofibromatosis Midwest. NF Midwest has been working for over 30 years to offer hope and comfort to people with NF through education, awareness, clinical care, research and support for the people in its six state region.

We care and we know you care. Your compassionate donation this holiday season helps NF Midwest continue this important work.

Thank You,


Diana Haberkamp
Executive Director
NF Midwest

PS. If you want to help in the efforts of a specific NF Champion or team you can donate to their efforts by marking it on the donation.


NF Midwest’s Mission and Services

Neurofibromatosis Midwest is an organization dedicated to the support and education of people affected by the Neurofibromatoses, to the education of health care providers, and to the investment in research.

We serve the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and the east half of Missouri and have existed for over 30 years as a community based organization that is served by and in service for people personally affected by neurofibromatosis.

  • Clinic development and support—NF Midwest provides grants to clinics in the Midwest region for clinical support and research. And also represents the needs of the NF community to these clinics.
  • Awareness—NF Midwest raises awareness at various events, by educating the community and through awareness merchandise.
  • Research grants—NF Midwest provides research grants to scientists at leading institutions in our region and around the country.
  • Education—NF Midwest educates the NF community and medical professionals through symposiums, special sessions, educational materials and the internet. We also provide packets to newly diagnosed individuals and families.
  • Support/Camp—NF Midwest provides and offers support via the phone and internet and by bringing the NF community together through various events. We also support Camp New Friends, a camp for kids with NF, and help kids to attend every year.




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