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Levi – A Face of NF

Levi, 8

This is our beautiful son, Levi Howard. He was diagnosed in March of 2017 with NF1 when he was seven years old. We quickly discovered that he has a brain stem tumor, many cafe au lait spots (brown flat birthmarks), a learning disability and ADHD. He is also very short for his age and already has over 15 neurofibromas (skin tumors). In his short life, NF1 has already affected him in many ways, but it doesn’t stop him! He’s full of energy and is quite the character. Levi is a very special boy, and we know that God is going to use him in mighty ways. We’re very thankful for Neurofibromatosis Midwest for raising awareness, funding research, and offering us support. As parents, we feel pretty helpless, but working with NF Midwest and the NF Midwest community to raise funds and awareness through events like a Great Steps Walk 4NF has given us strength.

“The NF Midwest community has provided hope, strength, and knowledge! We know that we will never be in this fight alone.”

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  • Levi is definitely a remarkable boy. He is a huge joy to be around. As his parents said, he does/will leave his special personality known. He loves The Lord and does and will leave his special testamony on this broken world. I’m so thankful this NF organization is a great support.

    • Levi is not only a super little guy who is fun to be around but he is a fighter. He never gives up! When he is confronted with a challenge, he embraces it. It is true that he has a heart for Jesus and he is an inspiration to those around him. Thank you NF for standing with the Howard family in this fight! 😍

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