Celebrating 35 Years

Happiness by Dave Evans (a man with neurofibromatosis)

Former NF Midwest board member Dave Evans recently competed in a Toastmaster competition and came in second out of 100 people with his speech about happiness. Dave is a long time activist for neurofibromatosis and talks about his condition in this wonderful speech.

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  • I want to thank you. Just had surgery for a timer on my spine. I am 55 and having a lot of pain and problems because of my NF. Feeling down today your video brought me up. My daughter son and two grandchildren also have NFL I worry about them and feel bad I passed this on to them. I have to take pain killers daily to be able to function. Any ideas on what else I can do. I have very good doctors Dr. Tongs guard and Dr. From from the university of Chicago. Thanks again for your speach.

  • Debbie,

    I am sorry to hear about your pain and hope you feel better. Do not feel bad about passing NF to your children and grandchildren. I do not blame my mother for my NF and would tell her if she was still alive.

    Even though I did poorly in grade school because of NF related learning disabilities; through determination I was able to turn things around. In high school I was named to the National Honor society, I earned a bachelors degree in accounting and economics, a masters degree in taxation and became a CPA.

    I have been married 23 years and have a successfull career. In other words I live a normal life. I belive that 99% of the people with NF can live normal lives.

    As I said in my speech. God ceated each of us for a special purpose. It took me almost 50 years to find my purpose. My purpose is to encourage other people. Encouraging other people is more fulfilling than saving my employer millions of dollars in taxes.

    I encourage you to find your purpose and passion. It will not make NF go away, but it will make life more pleasant.

    God bless you.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your speech. I too am a Toastmaster AND a woman living with NF.
    Thank you for speaking and…and most importantly THANK YOU for spreading a message of encouragement!

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