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Eric & Kai – A Face of NF

I have NF type 1. For the most part, my symptoms have been mild, but the most significant challenges I’ve had  include: optic glioma, several other large fibromas (including one in my throat that I’ve had to have surgically removed), and precocious puberty.

My visual impairment has given me the most challenges. I received large print materials in school growing up and was also regularly seen by a teacher for the visually impaired (TVI). I learned Braille, but my vision didn’t get bad enough for me to need it. I know how to drive, but am very careful to not drive at night and only drive in local and familiar areas.

My wife and I had our first son almost a year ago. Soon after, he too was diagnosed with NF1. No signs of an optic glioma yet and he is happy and healthy!

– Eric

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