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DIY Fundraising : MavMan Sidekicks

We love to highlight rock star fundraising teams and MavMan Sidekicks did something extraordinary in just 7 days!

Kara, Maverick’s mom, and Dayna, Maverick’s aunt, did a combination of Facebook live videos and social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram to announce/promote their fundraiser. Dayna also made a short video about Maverick’s NF journey. For every $5 donated, donors would receive an entry–They had 130 donors! Maverick got to choose the winners daily.

Doing smaller daily prizes like Dunkin’ gift cards and a Scentsy basket and several donated grand prizes they raised an incredible $3,855.The grand prizes included a $500 Target gift card and a week long registration to Bennett Day Camp!

Way to go MavMan Sidekicks, we are so impressed with your fundraising. So looking forward to seeing you at our Great Steps walk! Check out Maverick’s Team Page here!

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