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Autism Spectrum Disorder in NF1

NF Midwest is excited to add another new piece to our be iNFormed series. This is a series of material and articles written on various subjects of interest to the NF community in easy to read formats. The articles may be on specific complications or about other areas of interest such as neuropsychological testing, optic gliomas, or information for teachers.

Bonnie Klein-Tasman, Ph.D., & Christy Casnar, Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee provided this new article on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptomatology in Children with NF-1. NF Midwest donors have provided funding for several of Dr. Klein-Tasman’s studies on children with NF1.

Use the buttons below to read the article or to find more resources on neurofibromatosis.


Check out the other publications related to NF Midwest funded work of Dr. Klein-Tasman and her team:

Language in young children with neurofibromatosis-1: Relations to functional communication, attention, and social functioning

Adaptive Behavior in Young Children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1International Journal of Pediatrics

Cognitive and Psychosocial Phenotype of Young Children with Neurofibromatosis-1

Poster on Relations between fine motor skills and parental report of attention in young
children with neurofibromatosis – type 1
presented at an NF science conference.

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