Celebrating 41 Years

NF Midwest Wish List

Wishing for a future CURE and better CARE now.

NF Midwest Wish List

We’re wishing for a cure, but in the meantime there is so much that is needed now and so much that we need to get there!

What Can You Check Off Our List?

A Cure

Cash Donations

New books or small toys/prizes or gift cards for our young fighters

Gift cards for our fighting adults

A Bigger Refrigerator with a Freezer (Apartment Size)

Paper for the Office

A BIG Truck To Borrow For Events

Donated Event Tickets – Sports, Concerts, Plays

A Local (or National) Celebrity to Bring Recognition to NF


Paint and Someone to Paint the Office and Bring Some Color and Inspiration In!

Ne w carpet

A Vacuum Cleaner that Doesn’t Suck…or Actually Does Suck.

Better Care For All Our Loved Ones With NF

Informed Primary Care Doctors

Donated Printing

Items for Raffles

New microwave


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