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Employee Giving

Give through payroll deductions.

Employee Giving

Public, military, and private sector employees can often donate to NF Midwest through their company’s annual payroll deduction plan. Carefully review your pledge card to determine whether you can designate (or “write in”) NF Midwest.

If you work for a company, organization or the federal government, there’s a chance you may have the opportunity to participate in a workplace giving program. Workplace giving is a convenient way to make tax-deductible donations to charities you care about, typically with donations taken directly out of your paycheck.  

Depending on the campaign, Neurofibromatosis (NF) Midwest may be listed as a charity that you can select. If not you may still be able to choose NF Midwest. If needed, our federal nonprofit ID number is 22-2580173.

If your company doesn’t have an employee giving program, or you are not comfortable giving through your paycheck and want to make sure that all of your donation goes to neurofibromatosis, you may also sign up for monthly giving on our website at www.nfmidwest.org/donate.

For more information about work place giving and matching gifts to NF Midwest, fill out the online contact us form, or call our office at 630-945-3562.

Benefits of Workplace Giving: 

  • Convenience & Tax Benefits: You get the convenience of automatic payroll deductions without losing the tax benefits of charitable giving.
  • Painless & Impactful:  Having smaller amounts of money deducted from every paycheck is noticed less in the pocketbook, yet it can have a HUGE impact. If you get paid every two weeks (26 times throughout the year) and you pledge $38.50 of each paycheck to a charity, by the end of the year you will have donated $1,000!
  • Matching Gifts: Some employers match your contributions up to a specified amount. This maximizes your gift.
  • Save NF Resources: Workplace giving is more cost-effective and efficient for NF Midwest which allows more of your donation to be used on the cause.

Combined Federal Campaign

NF Midwest is honored to be an approved charity for the Combined Federal Campaign.

Your payroll contributions help support NF Midwest’s programs to support our children and adults with neurofibromatosis and to find a cure. CFC code is #75126

Community Health Charities

NF Midwest is a member of the Community Health Charities organization, a federation of the nation’s leading nonprofit voluntary health agencies. Many state, local and private employers allow employees to donate to worthy organizations through a payroll deduction program. Look for the national Community Health Charities federation when you fill in your pledge card.

State and Local Municipal Campaigns

Like federal employees, employees of many state and local governments can donate to NF Midwest through their annual payroll deduction plan.  Carefully review your payroll deduction pledge card to determine whether you can designate NF Midwest to receive your donation.  NF Midwest is usually listed under the Community Health Charities.

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