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Employee Giving

Give through payroll deductions.

Employee Giving

Public, military, and private sector employees can often donate to NF Midwest through their company’s annual payroll deduction plan. Carefully review your pledge card to determine whether you can designate (or “write in”) NF Midwest.

Community Health Charities

NF Midwest is a member of the Community Health Charities organization, a federation of the nation’s leading nonprofit voluntary health agencies. Many state, local and private employers allow employees to donate to worthy organizations through a payroll deduction program. Look for the national Community Health Charities federation when you fill in your pledge card. To support NF Midwest use code #75126.

State and Local Municipal Campaigns

Like federal employees, employees of many state and local governments can donate to NF Midwest through their annual payroll deduction plan.  Carefully review your payroll deduction pledge card to determine whether you can designate NF Midwest to receive your donation.  NF Midwest usually is listed under the Community Health Charities.

United Way Designated Gifts

During specific times of the year your workplace may offer you the opportunity to participate in charitable giving through the United Way. Quite often you may also be given the opportunity to select a specific non-profit such as Neurofibromatosis Midwest. Even if NF Midwest is not listed, you may be able to write in your charity of choice. Please, consider supporting neurofibromatosis in this way and letting your friends and family know about this option. To do so simply provide the name Neurofibromatosis Midwest and the federal nonprofit ID number of 22-2580173.

If you don’t have this opportunity, or you are not comfortable giving through the United Way and want to make sure that all of your donation goes to neurofibromatosis, you may also sign up for monthly giving on our website.

For more information about work place giving and matching gifts to NF Midwest, fill out the online contact us form, or call our office at 630-945-3562.

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