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Create Your Own Fundraising Page

Tell your story and allow donations for your event or team!

Using Our Fundraising Platform

We recommend using the tools provided by our fundraising platform  to create your own page to tell your story and/or raise funds for the NF cause.  With our tools, you can use your words, photos and video to share why neurofibromatosis matters to you. You can then share the link with your network of family, friends and colleagues. Track donations, send invitations and emails about events!

Creating a Page for Great Steps

Once you register for a walk at www.greatsteps.org the system will create a page for you and/or your team. If you’d like to hold an event or create a challenge to raise for your team you may simply want to change the page to provide information about your event or challenge.

Creating Your Own Event or Campaign

You can use our fundraising platform to create your own event or campaign to support NF Midwest. For instance, you may want to have people donate to NF Midwest in honor of a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special event; or you may want to shave your head or jump out of plane if your friends will donate to your goal; or you may want to collect donations as part of an event you are holding (like a trivia nite or bowling party).

If you are creating an event and need to take registrations, please let us know. We may be able to help.

To create your page go to nfmidwest.rallybound.org and click CREATE AN EVENT.

You will have to create an account and follow the instructions.

Creating a Page to Tell Your Story

You can create a page either as part of your Great Steps efforts and share your story. If you aren’t able to participate in a walk you can create a page by following the instructions above under Creating Your Own Event or Campaign. You can then share that page through social media and email. The page will also allow people to make donations to NF Midwest and the neurofibromatosis cause. If you’d just like to share your story will us please go here..

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