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I want to organize a fundraiser for NF Midwest but I’m not sure what to do.

We have lots of ideas on ways that you can help raise funds and awareness for your NF Midwest. You can find some on our website or simply contact us. Here are just a few ideas…

Hold some sort of party with a fun theme or event – think Trivia Nite, Game Nite, Wine Tasting; host a benefit concert; hold a tournament (golf, basketball, mini-golf); have a bake sale or car wash. If you’re planning an event for friends where everyone has to chip in – for instance a dinner, a picnic or a golf outing – tell everyone that the “overflow” will be donated to NF Midwest.

The key is to do something that you feel would be fun and rewarding and that works for you….#DoIt4NF!

Whatever you do designate the NF Midwest as the beneficiary for your event.

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