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Why should I see an “NF Doctor”?

NF doctors are the quarterbacks that have the overall picture of care for the patient with NF. When needed, they regularly refer patients to other specialists who in turn have gained a lot of experience with NF by working as a “team” with the NF doctor. These specialists may include neurosurgeons, orthopedics, oncologists, otolaryngologists, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons and many more. For the best coordinated care, it is very important to see an “NF doctor” first – if possible. While not being the ones to directly treat the complications of NF, the “NF doctor” has the best overall view of the options for care from experience and sharing with other “NF doctors”. For instance, a neurosurgeon may prescribe surgery for a tumor, while an oncologist may prescribe chemotherapy, but the “NF doctor” may have a clearer, unbiased idea of the best approach.

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