Celebrating 35 Years

Camp New Friends

NF Midwest provides Camp New Friends with funds to make it affordable for all kids with NF from the Midwest. No child from our region is left behind.

Support for a Lifetime!

NF Midwest supports and sends children with neurofibromatosis to Camp New Friends a camp run by the Brainy Camps Association which is a subsidiary of Children’s National Health System.

The temporary home for Camp New Friends is at Blue Ridge School in St. George, VA located 20 miles from Charlottesville and 2 hrs. from Washington DC.  Brainy Camps is making exciting plans to build their own campsite to fulfill their dream of expanding their camps and offering year-round programming to campers!


Memories that will last a Lifetime

Going to Camp New Friends creates memories and support that last a lifetime! NF Midwest is proud to sponsor children with neurofibromatosis to Camp New Friends in  Virginia this summer. Spending a week at camp with peers and adults who live productive lives with neurofibromatosis gives hope to campers for their future. Campers share how Camp New Friends is the highlight of their summer, how awesome it is to be with kids just like themselves, where they don’t feel different. This experience helps them to learn more about their neurofibromatosis, increase self-esteem, improve social skills and personal responsibility, all in a supportive, fun filled environment.

Camp New Friends allow children ages 7 to 17 to:

  • Establish positive and long-lasting social connections
  • Draw emotional support from others with the neurofibromatosis (children & adults)
  • Learn to understand their disorder and manage it effectively
  • Build self-advocacy skills, improve their self-worth and gain independence

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